INDUCS was founded in 1998 since then it has been located in Herisau, Switzerland. At the cutting edge of technology and with 20 years' experience, the INDUCS brand is one of the world's leading suppliers of induction technology for professional kitchens.
We specialized in development, manufacturing and sale of innovative induction cooking appliances for catering applications.

Our aim is to provide a safe, pleasant and high-quality working environment for professional chefs.
From the outset, we attached particular importance to developing and producing the key components of our appliances by ourselves.
Our products are a evidence to Swiss quality, which is renowned for durability, reliability and perfection.

The mid-1990s saw a quantum leap in cookery technology.
Thanks to the advances in electronics development it is possible to convert large amounts of energy directly into heat.
Over 90 % of the energy is transferred to the cooking vessel, resulting in cost savings in electricity of up to 40 %.
Every day, chefs and operators are delighted with the unique efficiency of our products, combined with their precision control and ability to reach roasting temperatures within seconds.
Our many years of experience and knowledge gained are continually reflected in new developments and product enhancements.
We maintain direct contact with our customers in order to identify new trends.
Ours sales partners will be happy to advise you on-the-spot to find the best possible solution for your processes.


Daniele Romano

Daniele Romano

Director Sales and Operations

Clemens Riesch

Project / Product Manager

Customer Service

Roman Schmid

Customer Service Manager


Antonio Aulicino

Customer Service


Milan Spasevski

Customer Service


Timothee Jamin

Customer Service


Céline Strutz

Customer Service

Elpita Kyriakidis

Customer Service


Mike Giermindl

Finance & HR Manager


Manuel Baumberger

Junior Controller

Yvonne Boos



Costa Simoglou

Costa Simoglou

Supply Chain Manager



Ruben von Känel

Ruben von Känel

Operations Manager



We have enjoyed steady growth and continue to develop.
1998          INDUCS AG founded
From the outset, the firm has been located in Herisau, Switzerland.
2002          RTCS Multi-Line development
Temperature-controlled cooking was identified as a future trend and we succeeded in developing temperature measurement that was as accurate and instantaneous as possible. "Real-time temperature control system" (RTCS) technology enabled contactless temperature measurement.
2004          Customer-specific national rail solutions
Following the train fire in Kaprun, fire prevention regulations and safety guidelines were tightened up considerably.
This included adapting the fire prevention and safety requirements for induction hobs. INDUCS AG was able to meet these requirements.
2004          Our own coil production
We now started producing our own coils.
A coil winding machine was developed according to our requirements, which significantly improved manufacturing quality.
2005          RTCS griddle-Line development
INDUCS AG undertook pioneering work to develop the world's first induction-heated griddle.
The induction griddle boasted a rapid response time, accurate temperature control and minimum energy consumption.
In terms of energy use, maximum energy is only supplied during the actual cooking process.

2006          RTCS Hold-Line launch
INDUCS AG has targeted an additional market segment, namely the buffet sector.
A hotplate concept was developed for keeping food warm.
The advantages of this are a low risk of burns and fire due to dispensing with fuel paste, reduced cleaning and improved food presentation.
2006          Fajita Heater
The Fajita Heater is a customer-specific solution whereby cast iron pans are heated to 400 °C during continuous operation.
They heat up in 40 seconds without overheating the induction coil.
2008          RTCSmp technology
"Real-time temperature control system multi-point" (RTCSmp) technology enables surface temperature measurement based on several temperature sensors in parallel and it is possible to detect localized overheating.
RTCSmp technology was mainly developed and marketed from a safety aspect. Customers who value personal safety particularly appreciate this technology.
A further benefit is that overheating can be prevented, thereby extending the pan's service life.
2011          RTCSmp Modul-Line market launch
The requirements for induction technology cookers are energy efficiency, safety, easy installation and simplified service.
The Modul-Line generators were specifically developed to meet these requirements.
RTCSmp technology and new circuit elements enabled us to significantly improve efficiency.
2012          Launch of RTCSmp Hold-Line 1500 and Install Hold-Line
Accurate, reliable temperature measurement led to further developments in the buffet sector.
It was now possible to operate one to four temperature-controlled hotplates using a single generator.
This opened up new opportunities for temperature-sensitive food, such as sauces, egg dishes and many more.

2015          Compact Hold-Line
The new Compact-Line was created as a further development for the buffet sector, based on the Install Hold-Line concept.
2017           INSTINCT Line
Introduced the new INSTINT line at the HOT in Milan.

Welbilt – global leaders

INDUCS AG joined the group Welbilt in the year 2013.Our company is a subsidiary company of Welbilt Inc., an international company based in Tampa/Florida. With the fundamental credo of prescribing only top-quality innovation, Welbilt found an optimal partner in INDUCS in Switzerland for the induction equipment in the contemporary professional kitchen.

Offering you an unrivalled under¬standing of the customer and industry combined with comprehensive kitchen systems, culinary expertise and first-class customer service. Globally and locally. With business operations in America, Europe and Asia, Welbilt supplies leading brands such as Cleveland, Convotherm®, Delfield®, Crem®, fitkitchenSM, Frymaster®, Garland®, Kolpak®, Lincoln, Manitowoc® Ice, Merco®, Merrychef® and Multiplex®.

For further infomation regarding the offers of Welbilt group, please visit our website:


A company needs focus.

Experience shows that if you want to meet ever-changing market requirements and want your business to grow,
you must be aware of what you believe in and what you stand for.
INDUCS AG is defined by its vision, culture and values.
Our Values

Our Values

A company needs focus.
Experience shows that if you want to meet ever-changing market requirements and want your business to grow, you must be aware of what you believe in and what you stand for. INDUCS AG is defined by its vision, culture and values.

Integrity is an essential factor for success in our society.
We earn the necessary trust by actively observing our corporate values.


We are transparent and consistent in our decisions and actions.
Customers and employees alike are treated with great respect.


We have the passion to exceed expectations and are willing to go the extra mile.


We question the status quo and are quick and proactive when dealing with customers. We fight bureaucracy and take entrepreneurial risks when necessary.


We deliver our promises and only promise what we can deliver.
Our culture

Our culture

Our corporate culture is an integral part of our company. We are constantly striving to develop and expand our horizons.

What are we?
Professionalism is part of our everyday work.


We are driven by passion. We strive for excellence every day and aim to become better and better.


We love challenges and produce creative solutions.

Team players

We want to win as a team.


Our development begins where technology ceases.


We are internationally active and seek global partnerships.
Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision

Our vision
To be the world's leading supplier of professional gastro-technical appliances and systems.

Our mission
By bringing together food, technology and people, we produce high-quality, innovative products and systems for customers, staff and shareholders, thereby generating added value. We also deliver first-class services worldwide and promote safe, healthy eating.


As a manufacturer, the environment is important to us. As a Swiss industrial enterprise in the Appenzell Ausserhoden area, we export our products around the globe. We assume this environmental responsibility far beyond legal requirements.We develop and produce our appliances according to the very latest technological standards. Achieving further reductions in energy demand and developing environmentally-friendly technologies is the only way to preserve the current environment and we are therefore constantly working to improve efficiency and reduce consumption. This reduction enables us to cut operating costs, while. our energy-efficient solutions also support our customers' sustainability programs and help them meet their own environmental standards.

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